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  1. Re: Be in TOH’s Cheapskate Hall of Fame 2009

    I had a whole bunch of craft supplies that I needed to organize and store. I had no money to spend on a cubby system that I really wanted. So I hot glued cardboard boxes to the walls of my...
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    Re: Cleaning high sheen wood floors

    I haven't been on this site for awhile so I didn't realize someone answered my post. I switched to detergents because the recommended cleaner left such a film. My sister-in-law has wood floors too...
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    Need an appraisal

    My husband is talking with a company that said they would buy our house if he accepts a position with them. I need to know how to get the house ready for an appraisal. We would like to walk away...
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    Cleaning high sheen wood floors

    I have a three year old home with musckoka maple pre-finished high sheen wood floors. I have used the recommended cleaner Boni. It left a slimy flim on the floors. Then I started using liquid...
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