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  1. Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the May 2013 cover of This Old House Magazine

    Frankly A is too kitchen renovation specific and B is too interior design specific. Can't there be a cover more about restoring or renovating an old house - like an exterior shot?
  2. Re: HELP! Funky ceiling, mold, no clue what i'm doing, pictures!

    You need to make sure the cause of this is fixed before you do any major repairs or you're throwing good money after bad. Get a bathroom fan if you don't have one (and use it if you do) or open the...
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    Re: Danger, Will Robinson

    Is your wiring in conduit?
  4. Re: Choice of heated floor, new windows, or new furnace? Help!!

    Sorry for not responding earlier. What did you end up doing, if anything? I wonder if there were a way to add insulation to the outside of your window cantilever (sounds like the windows are "boxed"...
  5. Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the April 2013 cover of This Old House Magazine

    B is a better image in terms of framing and composition, however, it lacks color which A has, though that is a less pleasing and satisfying image.
  6. Re: Hot roof vs. cold roof: problems with city inspectors

    Only the city engineer..... :)
  7. Re: Hot roof vs. cold roof: problems with city inspectors

    It wouldn't surprise me if the municipality has made that a requirement not for tax assessment but to avoid improper insulation installation which could lead to mold, etc. However, from what you've...
  8. Re: Choice of heated floor, new windows, or new furnace? Help!!

    I'm going to take a slightly different attack than the other responses. Have you actually had a thermometer in your dining space to see if it actually is cold? It wouldn't surprise me if you feel...
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    Re: Help! 21 windows with no screens.

    What difference does it make if the windows are slightly out of square for the screens? Screens shouldn't have much trouble flexing slightly to fit an out of square opening....
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    Re: Escape Window for Basement?

    Escape windows usually refer to a wide sliding window which opens wide enough for someone to easily get out of (and not above a certain height above the floor). I might suggest you get a large, if...
  11. Sticky: Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the Nov/Dec 2012 cover of This Old House magazine

    Since when was TOH a religious magazine?
  12. Sticky: Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the Nov/Dec 2012 cover of This Old House magazine

    I have to agree with you, plus there are competing magazines with similar names/content sticking to the original concept would be a good thing to do to keep core subscribers.
  13. Re: replacement windows: Anderson vs Marvin vs Pella?

    I actually disagree a little bit on two points. All old windows can't be saved reasonably if they are too rotted or rusted (steel windows specifically). The other one is that most windows made since...
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    Re: Refurbish or replace

    I say refurbish - they look like they are in pretty good condition from your pictures.
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    Re: Insulating existing flat roof

    Will there be enough space above the batts and below the rafters for air to circulate? The vapor barrier needs to be on the warm side, the roofing membrane doesn't really count (especially with roof...
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    Re: Bay Window Help

    Unfortunately, it looks like the rot got into the frames, which makes that a pretty big job. You'd only need to let a piece of pressure treated wood 'age' before painting it. It might be possible to...
  17. Re: Can I add to existing hydronic radiant heat system?

    There are systems with run off a residential water heater - not sure how powerful they'd be, but for "comfort" heating of a floor, it might be possible to add another zone. It depends on what your...
  18. Re: installing interior door without damaging the frame

    You can get demountable walls, but they are expensive. The easiest thing might be to install doors in the opening, using the same hinge and hardware locations and then filling them back in and...
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    Re: Mini Duct A/C

    I think there is a separate beast known as a mini-duct, which is essentially a mini-split with short ducts. It doesn't need a furnace obviously, just a mounting space and the ducts can be...
  20. Re: Help identifying and 'disassembling' a window - 1940s

    Sorry I didn't respond earlier - glad I was able to save your windows. My parents house that had those windows was built in '56 and they were new in the house (maybe Anderson had a different line for...
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    Re: Hydronic Flooring

    So your kitchen isn't heated at all? Running ducts through the garage might be difficult, headroom issues, insulating ducts, fire-rating them, etc. I like the idea of hydronic heat, but you'll need...
  22. Re: Styling I've never seen before....Georgian?...Free Classical?

    Colonial Revival it is (with some elements of what appears to be generic "four square"). Early Colonial Revival houses tended to be both inauthentic and eclectic, reflecting the styles of the 1880's...
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    Re: new storm doors, gap

    Isn't there some sort of weatherstrip at the bottom from the bottom rail, which is usually adjustable? You need a bit of a gap to prevent the door from sticking.
  24. Re: Temporary Alternative to Boarding up Windows?

    What did you ever end up deciding to do? Storms or fixing windows would have been good for light and making the house look occupied and safer.
  25. Re: Broiling With Steam Radiators: Is There a Fix?

    I have a similar situation - steam systems in bigger apartment buildings are generally "dumb" in the sense that they aren't zoned and since there are requirements as to heat provided, the...
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