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  1. Tile prep: isolation membrane over painted and striped concrete

    I'm in the process of prepping a concrete floor for ceramic tile. Floor is 50+ year old concrete that was previously painted (most likely with epoxy paint). I've used a chemical striper (water...
  2. Re: Prep and painting over previously painted concrete floors

    Thanks for the info. I looked into scarification but unfortunately the rental yards in the area only stock machines that are gas powered and don't have a vacuum. Also the dust generated...
  3. Prep and painting over previously painted concrete floors

    I'm getting conflicting information surrounding prepping and painting over a previously painted concrete floor. Here's the situation: Iíve got a concrete basement floor that's been previously...
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    Safely removing mold covered drywall

    I'm helping out a friend with a fairly serious mold problem in her basement. The walls are showing pretty good signs of mold infestation about 3 feet up from the floor, with closets much higher. ...
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