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    Stainless Steel hardware

    This place mostly focuses on boats, but they have lots of other parts and their prices are usually less than half the other guys.

    I've bought cleats for them at about a third the price of West...
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    Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

    Sealing up the gaps. We live in an 85 year old floating home that was originally build as a slum. Many of the windows don't seal completely, same for doors. We've fixed most of the major issues -...
  3. Tape to use with flooring underlayment and vapor barrier?

    We've just finished replacing the kitchen sub-floor and now it's time to put the flooring in. First I want to put in a vapor barrier and then the flooring underlayment. What kind of tape should I use...
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    Re: Using Bamboo plywood for kitchen countertops

    We wouldn't use pure fresh lineseed oil (aka Flax Oil), but rather one of the commercial products.

    My wife is pretty sensitive to chemical smells, so most of the recent wood work done in our house...
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    Using Bamboo plywood for kitchen countertops

    Hi, My wife and I are doing a budget kitchen remodel. We had decided on using wooden butcher block countertops (1.25-1.5" Beech), but then saw some incredible bamboo plywood (0.75") that we've now...
  6. Re: Insulating the floor when there is no reasonable access below

    Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. I wouldn't mind taking up a few boards, but I'm not sure I could take enough up to attach a backing. I think the room is a little over 30' long - I might be able to get...
  7. Insulating the floor when there is no reasonable access below

    Hi, I own a floating home build sometime in the 20's. It was probably originally built with stolen lumber as a budget alternative to a landed house. Needless to say insulation is lacking. We've added...
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