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    Is the vapor barrier ok?

    I am remodeling my attic into liveable space.
    as part of it I am insulating the roof/ceiling

    I am planning to use 2 differnt materials for insulation to optiome cost and energy efficiency (ie my...
  2. Re: what do I get if I press R19 into small space?

    Sorry - what is PIA?
  3. what do I get if I press R19 into small space?

    I have 4-5 inch space which I want to fill with fiberglass batts
    I can put R13 in which takes about 3.5 inch or I can put down R19, - howwver R19 is 6.5 inch deep, and I Know but pressing it into...
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    Attic ventilation - experts can't agree -

    Hi - I am remodeling my attic

    - the house is about 110 years old
    - the roof consists of cedar shingles
    - there is no attic ridge vent or sofit vents
    - the shingles are nailed onto nailers that...
  5. How to optimize insulation investment - Fiberglass vs Foam

    This may be a bit theoretical, but I am trying to figure out if the additional cost of foam board insulation and higher R value compared to fiberglass is economical and provides a good return on...
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