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    Poll: Re: Toe Kick Heaters

    We bought a house last year that was built in 1978. It had 2 toe kick heaters in the kitchen. They were loud but it turned out the fan bearings were worn. We replaced both. The new units are...
  2. Re: What do YOU want to see in our All About column, readers?

    I'd like to learn All About simple software for designing items like built in cabinets or bookcases. Even a simple structure like a free standing garage or shed. This would be low priced software...
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    Re: regulating heat w/Buderus gas boiler

    I'm not a heating spe******t but had similar issues after our oil to gas conversion. If we went away for extended trips and set the house to 50-55 it sometimes took all day to raise the temp to 65 on...
  4. Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the April 2013 cover of This Old House Magazine

    It's not "This Old Bathtub". Nice kitchen, my vote is for B.
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    fill a hole in basement concrete wall

    Have a 4' high crawl space under an L section of the house. The poured slab has a slight slope. I just discovered in a transition point where the footing drops slightly due to the slope they left...
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