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  1. Can 90-93% efficiency gas furnace be vented vertically?

    The current gas furnace is 80% efficiency. Is it possible to install a high efficiency furnace but still vent it vertically through the roof through the existing vent? The furnace is in the...
  2. Is fibreglass batting over blown-in insulation advisable?

    A recent energy audit report suggested adding insulation in the attic. The current blown-in insulation come up to the top if the joists. Is it advisable to lay fibreglass batts perpendicularly...
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    Re: Adding insulation in attic with ridge vent

    Keith and Phil thanks for your kind reply. I was hoping to reduce the attic temperature specially just above ceiling by trapping and redirecting the very hot air right under the roof to the ridge...
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    Adding insulation in attic with ridge vent

    My house is 17 years old, has a ridge and soffit vents along the whole length of the house. Attic has 24 inches of blown in insulation. I am considering following three options - which one would be...
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