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  1. thickness of backerboard for tile flooring

    I'm remodeling bathroom and i have 1/2 thick plywood across the entire floor and then i have an additional 1/4 inch ply that was under the existing glued down flooring.

    if i rip up the 1/4 ply and...
  2. trying to replace old sargent single bolt deadbolt

    Please take a look at the attached photos. This particular lock is cut a bit different that traditional locks as the bolt is not centered on the opening for the knob and therefore traditional...
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    Installing new bathroom tile over old??

    Is it possible to install new tile over existing wall tile in the bathtub area? If not what would be the next step after removing old tile. My guess would be to remove old adhesive and put down...
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    Replacing drain in bathroom

    I'm replacing the 1 1/4" pipe that runs from the main drain pipe in the wall to the inside of the room. This was a very thin piece of copper pipe that was actually soldered into the main drain pipe.I...
  5. replacing old tile bathroom walls with wainscoting

    I recently removed the tile that surrounded my bathroom from about hip level to the floor leaving behind the mortar/apoxy residue from the tile. Is it necessary to remove this prior to installing the...
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    removing old recessed bathtub valve

    Hello, I recently purchased a set of valve sockets and the 27/32 socket is slightly to big for the valve and the smallest one 21/32 is to small. I figured that most valves are pretty universal and...
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