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    Exterior Porch and Balcony Water Problems

    I have an old brick home built in 1902 located in northern Ontario that has an original wrap around porch with a balcony built on top. I noticed over this past winter a lot of water drainage issues...
  2. Removing Paint Mistakes Smudges and Drips from soft brick on a 100 year old home

    Trying to remove old paint drips and smudges from soft brick around windows and doors. Because of how soft the brick is, I don't want to use a pressure washer and have heard mixed reviews on using...
  3. Hiding Blown Insulation Drill Holes in an Old Brick Home

    The previous owners had blown insulation added to the walls by drilling through the exterior brick. The job wasn't very well done, the drill holes are about 2" in diameter and the mortar used is no...
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