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    Re: What is the shipping cost for 20 km

    I am in Dallas.
    And the distance between my home and the retail shop is approx to 22 miles.
    I think now you may count shipping cost.
    Suggestions please
  2. How do I submit my plans for a patio or covered addition to my house?

    Submit a written letter of your intentions, as well as, a list of materials you will be using to build the patio. A numbered copy of your property map must also be included which shows the area which...
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    Covered patio Ideas?

    I live in south Texas. We are plannin on building a covered patio. I don't want the cover to be attached to the house, Just right up next to it (due to hurricanes--just rather have it blow away it it...
  4. We have a covered patio...would like outdoor d****s...suggestions?

    We talked about this the other day. One way is to have a plastic sheet and fit a wood beam at the bottom and have a clamp or bracket to hold it in place and fit grommits on the side to tie it down....
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    What is the shipping cost for 20 km

    I want to make 16 feet by 8 feet patio in my backyard.
    In fact I want purchase it and install it. so I want to know the shipping cost. The difference between my home and the place where I'll buy is...
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