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    Re: How to Remove Plaster from Brick??

    Use a cold chisel, which comes in various sizes but some are the width of a brick, and drive it into the plaster by hitting it with a hammer. It took me about an hour to remove plaster from a brick...
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    Re: removing paint from concrete

    Peel Away removes paint. Be sure to neutralize promptly if you plan to repaint.
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    Re: Knob & Tube Wiring

    I agree with the last post.

    Another suggestion: Don't install insulation directly around the wires. Some experts say that can lead to overheating and possible fires.

    My understanding is you...
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    Re: going broke on paint samples

    Look for a Habitat for Humanity ReStore .
    They sell paint at $5 a gallon in Omaha. I've gotten Sherwin-Williams and Diamond Vogel paints for an entire house, and I redonated what I didn't use.
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    Re: removing stains from porcelin sink

    * Denture cleaner. Makes rust and other stains disappear in seconds.

    * Bathroom eraser. I found this at Menards in the plumbing department, and it cut through some hardened, raised stains in a tub.
  6. Re: Wall Crystals? Water stains? Mold? 1880 Victorian

    I recommend an oil-based primer to seal water stains this dark.

    I had similar stains that reappeared through several layers of regular latex primer and a "high-hiding" latex primer. Oil-based...
  7. Re: Tricks to skin-coating drywall on plaster walls

    Personally, skimcoating and evenly sanding the wall afterward requires much more time, patience and skill than scraping wallpaper, and it creates a larger mess -- at least when I do it. :)

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    Re: Pushmatic breaker tripping

    The answer:

    An electrician discovered that the wiring to the kitchen light backfed into the circuit for the three ceiling lights.

    The kitchen light wiring looked more complicated than usual,...
  9. Re: Hardwood floors never finished - now stained w/gaps - help!

    Try wood bleach on the stains. I found it in the polyurethane section of a paint department.
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    Re: 'ceiling' Paint?

    I recently saw this explanation on ...

    "Ceiling paints are a special category of interior paints. They have an ultra-flat sheen that helps hide imperfections, deflect and...
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    Re: My 1st home

    Rehabbing the windows isn't the sexiest project on your list, but it could save you money in years to come in heat/air bills.

    There are several handouts on rehabbing windows on the site for...
  12. Re: Pre 1900's Bryan Texas Farm House Restore

    I'm a sucker for an old house. I would try to save it.

    I think your decision depends on the long-term use. Would you remodel then move in? I presume there's no mortgage on the homestead. The...
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    Re: Sick Tree Needs Doctor

    I hired an arborist through my county extension office (around $30) to look at my Norway maple, which has a large dead branch that had shed its bark and has a vertical crack in the trunk.

  14. Re: What to do with concrete block basement walls

    I'm getting ready to start the same project. I plan to use Drylok. In my area, Menards is switching from Drylok to another brand so 1) there are other products out there 2) Menards had Drylok on...
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    Re: Removing thinset/adhesive from wall

    I used a wallpaper steamer and a putty knife to soften and sc**** a thick layer of adhesive behind plastic wall tiles.
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    Re: Grass Plugs For Lawn

    Zoysia fills in very slowly compared to other grasses. Don't skimp on the plugs.

    It greens up later in the season because it is a warm weather grass. When it fills in, it is supposed to be hard...
  17. Re: Plaster walls tooled to look like subway tile?

    My plaster was scored with a double line (as if a bobbypin was used to draw the lines), and I worried about destroying the detail if I got carried away with a Dremel.

    What worked at my house:
  18. Re: Removing latex paint from door hardware.

    I've used the laundry detergent in the crockpot overnight method. (I also saw someone use an electric wok on a houseblog.) Works like magic.

    For detail cleaning, get a brass brush attachment for...
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    Re: Advice on re-tiling a bathroom.

    I took a tiling class at a local community college, and the instructor recommended removing the wall with the tile and putting up a new layer of drywall to tile on. He thought that was faster than...
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    Re: Locating wires within walls

    Thanks! I figured there was something easy like this that I just hadn't come across before.

    For anyone else trying to find one, Zircon makes a line of stud sensor/wire scanners for $20-$50 at the...
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    Re: Locating wires within walls

    I'll keep the joist in mind when I take another peek at the situation tomorrow -- thanks.

    There is no light box. The wire just shoots out of the plaster, like a sprout coming out of the ground,...
  22. Re: removing paint from plaster walls ??????

    Also check out Peel Away products. Make sure to neutralize as instructed after you have stripped each area. Otherwise, the paint may bubble off later.
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    Locating wires within walls

    How do I determine the location of wire that leads to a ceiling light?

    I need to shore up the cracked plaster ceiling in the area with plaster washers and screws and, of course, would like to...
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    Re: Home restoration and preservation

    Here are two links to handouts from Restore Omaha, a workshop for old-home owners here in Nebraska, that might be helpful to you.

    Kitchens and Baths
    How to Find Information on Buildings and...
  25. Re: Plaster walls tooled to look like subway tile?

    My 1910 American foursquare has this from the floor to about four feet up on the walls in the bathroom.

    I have had two plasterers out to look at restoring it (mine was under layers of plastic...
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