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    Re: slow it down and add costs

    I agree about not showing costs but this year we can't find TOH on any network--where are they? We live in eastern PA and can't find any but OLD (VERY OLD) shows!

    I think they lost the whole...
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    HELP-Mahogany porch floor--finish how???

    We just had delivered 400sq ft of mahogany porch flooring (tongue/groove) and my hubby is totally confussed!

    1. Paint or stain--which is better?

    2. IF stain (we are favoring that) do we leave...
  3. 1850 Farm house needs new porch--Lumber to use?

    WE have an old house from 1850's with a wrap around porch that has a beautiful curve(1/2 circle) but the porch floor needs replaced. Can't afford tongue/groove which would be the ideal thing (or the...
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