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  1. Re: High Victorian Gothic with Normandy?

    Just to follow up -
    I know it's a long shot but I found out that the very first person who lived in the house (around 1875 - at least 1910) was an architect (later, historian) by the name of Samuel...
  2. Re: Period-appropriate door knobs for an 1874 house?

    Thank you so much for the link! This is really helpful. I plan to eventually replace the front door too, so it's great to start looking around for what's out there, particularly locally. ...
  3. Re: What style is this 1880 built brick house?

    This is a High-Victorian Gothic (Ruskinian)! I also have a High-Victorian Gothic (1874) but not Ruskinian. You'd find it interesting to read about John Ruskin and his work. I love your house!
  4. Period-appropriate door knobs for an 1874 house?

    I recently purchased a circa 1874 High-Victorian Gothic house near Boston, MA. All of the upstairs door knobs (to the bedrooms) are missing. I want to replace them with something as authentic to...
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    Slate roof in need of repair!!

    Could anyone provide me with a ballpark estimate on how much it will cost to have my slate roof repaired? The house/roof is about 135 years old. I don't know the surface area of the slate roof but...
  6. High Victorian Gothic with Normandy?

    I recently purchased this house, located just outside of Boston MA. The real estate listing indicated that this was built in 1880. However, I have since did research and found that the house was...
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