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  1. Re: More confusion about concrete in Knoxville TN.

    If the drain pipe is properly installed when the concrete is poured, whats going to break it after the concrete sets?
  2. Re: Water under deck that is almost leveled to ground

    Replace the deck with a patio. Otherwise, I had a similar situation at our old place. Removing the deck was out of the question, so I took measures to control the water all the way around the deck....
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    Re: Poured concrete patio

    I seriously doubt you want to do that. It sounds as if you would be running water right up to your frame wall as well as the moisture issue you mentioned. also an invitation for insects to eat your...
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    Re: Patio bench slats?

    I used 3/4 red oak with many coats of marine poly. not completely happy with the finish though. Maybe there is a better method or product. The oak works well however.
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    Re: Sand Loss From Paver Patio

    How did you build up the low side? Did you compact fill to a slope or use a retaining structure? It would be some bother, but you could pull up the offending rows, remove the base, add a filter...
  6. Thread: deck footings

    by Leo Hake

    Re: deck footings

    Dug down 3 1/2 what? Feet? Inches? What about the holes for the other footings? Did you run into groundwater there as well?

    Where are you and what is the site location like?

    How much water...
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    Re: Patio Ideas - I'm at a loss

    How about blue stone?
  8. Re: confused about concrete in knoxville Tennessee?

    Kinda confused by the fiber thing as well, but haven't messed with fiber reinforcement since college. Zeyad never mentioned fiberglass, but it is possible, I suppose. Think he worked with polyester...
  9. Re: confused about concrete in knoxville Tennessee?

    Patios, like sidewalks, tend to be about four inches thick. This is going to make it difficult to pin without breaking the existing patio. Doweling into your foundation is probably not a good idea....
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