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    Re: no prep paint


    I hope you can expand on that. Because I sand, prime, paint, second coat (min of 24 hours drying between each) and within 2 years, the exterior window trim paint is peeling completely off. ...
  2. Re: Any guesses on support materials/structures?

    This looks like some type of clay. If it were just dirt collecting, it'd have weeds coming up through it. If it were just clay, in New England, it'd have heaved. I'm guessing it's the stuff they...
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    Re: Small yard with a big dog

    Or consider giving this dog a workout elsewhere, so he's only outside to do his business in the winter. A border collie needs a job. Agility class. Train the dog to go get your...
  4. Re: How to prune/trim exisitng shrubs without damaging them - First Time Home Buyer

    The shortest/brightest, if that's a yew or inkberry, you can trim it and it'll love you for it.
    If the 3 tall ones are yews, you can reshape them with hedge trimmers. If anything else, you probably...
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    Re: Growing Grass in sandy conditions

    I'm guessing your hydroseeder used a lot of annual rye for fast coverage, which dies in the winter.

    I've sandy soil too, it's the pits. Hydroseed, sod, etc. are short term, as the silt and...
  6. Re: U shaped house, want to enclose porch area.

    If you completely enclose it you're likely to be boiling hot. Consider a patio cover/shelter:...
  7. Any guesses on support materials/structures?


    I'm living on the edge of the woods and so would like to do things that don't conflict with it. I love this walkway idea for patio/walkway but have no idea what the materials are. It...
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    Re: Beeping Smoke Detector

    I had this happen once in the middle of the night - on/off/on/off. Turned out to be a little spider running into and out of the sensor. Vacuum fixed it.
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    Re: corner bead repair

    Another thought on the topic:
    Some of the beading I need to repair is in no-traffic areas - stairway wall meeting living room ceiling. No traffic, no bumping but expansion and contraction in...
  10. dividing open concept rooms with trimwork


    I'd like to paint my first floor that is open concept. The problem is the dining room wall runs across into the parlor. In the center of the wall is the front door. I thought trimwork...
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    Re: star gazer lilies

    Hybrid roses are often grafted to different tougher root stock. When winter kills off the top, the new growth comes from the root stock, typically red dawns. That big knot on a bare root rose is...
  12. Re: paint first? trimwork first? floors first?

    Thanks for all the great direction. Now over to the trim board to ask a few questions there. Thanks again.

  13. paint first? trimwork first? floors first?


    I'm in analysis paralysis. My 15 year old house is in need of
    a refresh. Carpets have to go being replaced with something hard surface. White walls need color.
    The dining room and...
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