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    Re: bidet vs toilet

    Just a word of warning. You will want the hot water supply very close to the bidet unless you really like cold water on your privates. Ours is at the other end of the house and you could get really...
  2. Help with taking out a bidet on concrete slab.

    I currently have a bathroom that is carpeted (not my idea), It also has a bidet in it (which I have no use for. I hava a concrete slab floor and want to take out the bidet and leave the toliet and...
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    Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

    Peeling an Onion

    My 18 year old son moved out of the house and we wanted to turn his old room into a guest room. I seemed like a fairly simple task but I was wrong.

    When he lived with us we...
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    Water stains in hardwood floor

    I have an oak hardwood floor that has damage from water getting under the floor in two small spots. The floor is dried out now (2 weeks with commercial fans, and no buckeling but some dark spots...
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