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    Re: sweating tools

    This is an attachment that fits on the end of the torch tip. I sell them at my supply house. You will find those at any plumbing supply house, make sure you ask them how to use it.
  2. Re: Low Pressure Leaks - Kitchen Sink Faucet

    You can replace the o-rings in the faucet and I personally use caulking under the trim plate of a deck mounted faucet and let sit for 24 hours before using to ensure a good seal. And with the o-rings...
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    Re: replace/repair old bathtub plumbing

    Your plumber just doesnt want to do the foot work. If your content with your old fixture try and match up your stems. Buy new stems and "extra" seats and rubber washers. You can also replace your 3...
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    Re: Drips out of new threaded connection

    Try to find a product called "true blue" mostly sold at plumbing supply houses, it is a blue teflon paste that hardens like epoxy. I use teflon tape and true blue both on all my threaded pipe and...
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    Re: Copper bonding agent

    I wouldnt dare use anything of the sort. If your afraid to solder than use the "Sharkbite" fittings and copper inbetween. I sell a lot of these fittings at my supply house. Just make sure the copper...
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    Re: drain auger use

    No do not use a 1/4" cable down that drain!! Use a 3/8 cable that will go through the trap. I only use a 1/4" cable for tubs or lavatory drains or even down toilets but I have done this for 29 years....
  7. Re: "phantom puddle" in 1st floor bathroom - help!

    First you have to determine whether it is a "drainpipe" leak or a "water line" leak. You can make sure there is no water running in the house and go to your water meter and watch the dial to see if...
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    Re: wall mounted toliet

    You normally use a felt gasket but in many instances I have used a regular bowl wax but forming it to the back of the toilet then resetting the toilet to the wall and caulk it. Your best chance of...
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    Re: rocking toilet

    The correct thing to do is to replace the flange and to cut the closet bend lower to accommodate a new flange. But if you find that too much work I have used Metal washers to take up the gap where...
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