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    Re: Wiring a switch/outlet combo

    I couldn't get the images to show up, but maybe that was because they were too big. Here are some that have been reduced in size.
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    Wiring a switch/outlet combo

    My wife's closet/dressing room has a switch/outlet combination unit on the wall. Today I decided to replace the current unit with a GFCI outlet/switch unit. Upon turning off the power and removing...
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    French drain needs serviced?

    First off, I'm not 100% sure what I have would be considered a french drain. It was there when we purchased the house about a year and a half ago, so I'm not 100% sure on the details. There are two...
  4. Outside lampost trips circuit when wet

    I have two lamposts on either side of my front patio. They are mounted to the concrete, and the wiring is buried. Occasionally, usually when it's wet outside, turning on the lights will trip the...
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    Relocate diverter?

    My wife and I are trying to replace the current faucet setup in our tub/shower, and I've run into a bit of an issue. Our current faucet has a single knob, one where you tilt it up to turn the water...
  6. Re: Copper line for refrigerator being used as a ground...

    House is on a slab, which is why it has to go through the attic. The line is underneath the insulation that is up there, which I would think would protect against freezing.
  7. Copper line for refrigerator being used as a ground...

    The old owners of my house ran a 1/4" copper pipe from the utility room, through the attic, down to the kitchen in order to supply the refrigerator with water for the icemaker. This pipe has become...
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    Replacing water line for refrigerator

    I need some advice. I need to replace the water line that runs from the main water line to the refrigerator. Currently there is a saddle valve tapped into the main cold water line in the utility...
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    add pilot light for vented gas logs?

    My house has an old wood burning fireplace that was converted to gas with a set of vented gas logs. Currently there is a manual valve that I need to turn on while holding a lighter in the fireplace...
  10. Question about removing a light switch

    In my dining room there are two light switches on opposite sides of the room. One switch is a dimmer that controls the hanging chandelier. The other is a regular switch that MUST be turned on in...
  11. Bamboo floors in slab-on-grade house, tounge & groove vs click lock

    My wife and I would like to put some new flooring in our house, and really like the look of bamboo. Our house is on a slab and is currently carpeted throughout, and we are wondering what our options...
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