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  1. Re: Buried treasure: Find anything interesting during your last move or demo?

    The most unusual thing I've discovered was that the last owners put the wallpaper in the bathroom up with a hot glue gun! Guess what doesn't come off no matter how much vinegar and hot water you put...
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    Re: wall cavity, need to fill?

    I may get beaten down on this one... but what about styrofoam packing peanuts? I don't think you can get an official R-value from them, but they would fill the cavity, they would insulate somewhat,...
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    Re: Wallcovering vs Wallpaper

    I second that, and I'd also recommend that you take a small piece of the wallcovering and do the folding (it's sometimes called 'booking' if you happen to be looking for information in other places)...
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    Re: Removing Tile Floor...

    One other factor to think about... and a cautionary tale...

    When you're planning for re-doing the tile, make sure that you're planning on finishing the new project with the same thickness as the...
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    Re: old carpet pad removal

    Did you try rubbing alcohol? I've heard that it can do that. I'd definitely try that on someplace inconspicuous, though, just in case. You already have to refinish the floors (hard to believe...
  6. Interior non-load bearing wall construction over Delta barrier

    If you hate long posts, this is one to stay away from, but if not… I just started this project, and will be posting progress pictures as I go along. We're basically converting an old garage area...
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