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    Water heater Saga Continues

    We've had big problems with condensate drainage in my new water heater, see:

    So the installer has concluded I cannot have a...
  2. Re: New High Efficiency Water Heater Issues

    Just got a call from the installer, they are coming to take a look.

    They SUSPECT (without having looked at it) that the drain pipe is actually from some A/C unit (all tied together in the...
  3. Re: New High Efficiency Water Heater Issues

    Thank you for the advice... I don't know why the installers haven't brought all this to my attention (the acid, the freezing pipes, the amount of discharge). I'm so angry right now I could spit. I...
  4. New High Efficiency Water Heater Issues

    I just got a new High Efficiency water heater to replace an old 15-year old not high efficiency. The new unit has a whole bunch of condensation tubes and pipes coming out of it and it ties into the...
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