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    Re: Pneumatic controls

    pneumatic controls are actually quits simple once you know the basics behind them. actuators are typically open with no pressure and closed under pressure. look for a valve turned off or another...
  2. Re: Can I find 10" center bathroom faucet?

    moen makes one on variable centers, i think its in the banbury collection if i remember right
  3. Re: Water heating for bed & breakfast

    Solution #1 would be to put in a larger commercial tank such as an A.O.Smith btr197 which is a 100 gall tank with 197,00 btu.
    option number 2 would be to use a raypack or camus boiler with bronze...
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    Re: In-slab duct repair

    this would be the best way, but its very expensive
  5. Re: Remove Steam Radiators and replace with Baseboard

    Stay with the steam system you will be happier
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    Re: Radiator removal

    @brook world

    not all steam systems have a return line. there is what is refered to a one pipe reverse return in which case the steam is on top and condensate on the botton
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    Re: Deep well pump wont shut off

    check the pressure tank first, if depressed you shouln not get water out of the tire valve, if there is water when depressed get a new tank. that is probally all that is wrong about $100 and an hour...
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    Re: propane furnace

    if it is a 90% furnace, air command 90 it will not have a pilot. it will have a hot surface ignitor. is it not completing the ignition cycle, or just sitting dead in the water
  9. Re: Home Inspection...What do I actually need to fix?

    Black pipe is used for gas

    pvc can be used for COLD water but never for HOT water should all be CPVC or better yet COPPER

    have your mainline replaced with k copper find a contractor that can...
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    Re: Copper vs Pex vs Cpvc

    Ayn plumber that is any good can and will work with copper. That being said L coopper is the only way to go unless it is under a slab in which case k copper should be used. I have seen multiple jobs...
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    Re: Curb stop stuck open

    If you break a curb valve you are the responsible party for have the infrastructure repaired. contact a plumbing company and let them coordinte with the water dept, they have different contacts than...
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    Re: Gas line for outdoor grill

    First and foremost NEVER USE PLASTIC ON GAS. PE 2406 and PE3408 are poly tubing that the gas company uses for underground only and it has to be one of those two only, depending on pressure ususally...
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    Re: broken sink drain

    The proper way to repair the broken pipe is to open the floor enough to acess the closest fitting. then either extract the broken nipple or cut the fitting out and adapt to plastic from there. A...
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    Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

    if you are installing a copper tubed boiler installeither a RAYPAK or a CAMUS you won't have near the problems
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    Re: On Demand Hot Water Tank

    call a plumber and have them hook it up to an acid pump. tankless heaters need flushed and acid cleaned periodiclly. your symptoms all point to the heater being all scaled up.
  16. Re: Plse help a clueless gal re: CAST IRON WASTE PIPES

    Typically as long as the pipes are not collapsed and you find the rightcompany cast iron pipes can be relined with basically a fiberglass sock. it is pricey, but it works. I have done this numerous...
  17. Re: 55/64 female to 15/16 female faucet adapter?

    try a good local hardware store, i usually have better luck fing adaptors like that at an ACE or DOIT BEST than even a plumbing supply
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    Re: Sewer pipe leak under house

    go to your local feed and grain store or even tractor supply company and get HYDRATED LIME or a product called SWEET PDZ. both will do the job its just a matter of how fast you want results
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    Re: gas pipe

    if you need to ask, especially when it comes to gas hire a professionall. i am a licsenced plumber in ohio and gas questions are the only thing i will not answer if some one asks me how to do it or...
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    Re: new well questions

    first thing first the casing is personal prefrence as to material used. I prefer pvc because you never have to paint it. the pump will probally be 1/2 hp for a 60 foot well. make sure you specify...
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    Re: Recirculating Pump & Cold Water

    don't use the kits from lowes or the depot. The proper way that a good service plumber would add a domestic recirc line would be to run a third line from the fatrhest fiture back to the drain on the...
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    Re: steam radiators

    Space permitting you could install a short section of cast iron steam baseboard. I think you will find that the baseboard because of its low height and it lenth will probally heat your room better.
  23. Re: gas hot water tank making warm not hot water

    if my memory is right 1999 is about when perfection (mfg of 95% of dip tubes) started to have production problems. remove the cold side nipple out of top of tank. chances are the dip tube will...
  24. Re: Outdoor water line to house replace/relocate

    I am assuming that yout line is probally polyethlene. typically if the pipe leaks once it will continue to in the future. depending on if the line is a straight run, or even a few sweeping turns you...
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