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  1. Re: What do YOU want to see in our All About column, readers?

    I really want to see an article about Arts and Craft interior trims/doors/moldings. How to do faux wainscoting.
  2. Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the May 2013 cover of This Old House Magazine

    I'm likin cover A.. As a Arts & Crafts fan/contractor I'm am drawn toward cover A, although the sink cabinets are standing proud in spots and the doors are not even, it's "homey" & warm. Like the...
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    Re: Flat panel TV episode sourcing

    Thanks for the replies. I actually found an acceptable one @ Home Depot.(shocked) I bought 4 for a home I'm constructing.

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    Flat panel TV episode sourcing

    What is the source of the electrical/cable receptacles in this episode. I looked in my Lutron Electrical catalog but couldn't find them, specifically the recessed electrical/low voltage device with...
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