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    Re: Bathtub needs help!

    Thanks for the advice. You make some good points.
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    Bathtub needs help!

    We just bought a house, built in 1964, and one bathroom is in bad shape. We are going to retile the tub area, but don't want to replace the cast iron tub, which is is good shape. The color is the...
  3. Painting galvanized steel gutter guards--help!

    I want to install leaf gutter guards and have found some that are galvanized steel mesh, in 6" x 3' lengths. The problem is that they are rounded and can be see from the street (I have a ranch...
  4. How do I whiten concrete after cleaning glue residue from astro turf?

    I have pulled up the ugly astro turf on my front porch, and I have used stripper, mineral spirits and a power washer to remove the glue and as much residue as possible. I think the concrete will...
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    Glued-down astro turf - how to remove glue?

    My front porch has old astro turf glued down. I want to remove it, but am afraid of not being able to remove the residue of glue. What can I use for this purpose that will not harm the concrete...
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