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  1. Re: concrete driveway raises up during the winter

    I think you are right. Water is freezing underneath and lifting it up. Usually when you want to avoid that, 4 feet of earth is removed and new frost free material is hauled in. Sometimes drain...
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    Re: Insulation Question

    Yes, there is another thread going on right now with this same question. Everyone has been giving their advice, and most of it is conflicting. Problem is that people are trying to convert old...
  3. Re: Should we use spray foam insulation in a 130 year old house?

    If paint was waterproof, why do we have rainscreens?

    Josh Jaros
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    Re: Composite Deck Question

    There have been some issues with fading and composite decking. You may have a warranty issue...something to check into. Also, is it just a chalky surface because you might want to try a product...
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    Re: Basement insulation and vapor barrier

    With all due respect maam, you have started this project the wrong way, and now your are trying to fix it without fixing what you did wrong. I'm afraid that what you really need to do is call a...
  6. Re: Should we use spray foam insulation in a 130 year old house?

    The foam will act as a vapor barrier. It is going to be your vapor barrier if installed. That is my point exactly.
    Secondly, water does get behind your siding. No matter what you do, it will get...
  7. Re: Cracks in wood walls. Need good filler material.

    Anything you use will only break loose as the wood moves between seasons. Run strips or remove and shiplap with a router.

    Josh Jaros
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    Re: bamboo on a Concrete Slab

    Moisture is your biggest concern with the concrete. There are number of methods of attaching. Check with your local flooring supplier when you purchase your flooring.

    Josh Jaros
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    Re: Basement insulation and vapor barrier

    In the basement, the vapor barrier needs to be on the concrete. Where is the moisture? In the concrete. It acts like a giant sponge. When warm air hits your cold concrete, condensation will form....
  10. Re: Should we use spray foam insulation in a 130 year old house?

    To answer your question about water getting behind the siding, that is happening right now. It will happen with the foam as well. The reason the paint peels off of wood siding has to do with a...
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    Re: problems with refinishing wood floors

    It looks likethe polyurethane is pulling off of the floor. There's a chance that your oil stain has reactivated. That's my guess. This happens sometimes. I would get the number for Olympic and...
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    Re: floating wood floor

    Looks much nice to pull the baseboard and then replace it when the flooring is down. Of course, you need to have a baseboard with enough thickness to cover the expansion joint.
    To not have to deal...
  13. Re: How do I rough up very hard paint on trim so I can repaint?

    Please be careful as you are probably dealing with lead based paint. You can test to make sure. You would do well to just buy new baseboard if it is. Sanding lead based paint is not recommended. ...
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    Re: OSB vs Plywood

    I would be disappointed to hear that he used OSB. I don't give him high marks for it if he did. Are you sure he wasn't using Advantec? It looks a lot like OSB except it doesn't swell and the stuff...
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    Re: Improve insulation

    Check with your insulation contractor. Sounds like an installation error.

    Josh Jaros (Jaros Bros. Construction)
  16. Re: I want to put drain pipes throughout yard

    Make sure to keep the holes on the pipe to the bottom or the pipe will fill with dirt and silt over time and plug up. Plenty of crushed rock and fabric surround the pipe will do the rest of the...
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    Re: frosty windows

    There could be several culprits leading to your frosty windows, but first you have to realize what cause moisture to condense onto any surface. Whenever you have a cold surface and lots of hot moist...
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