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    Re: Dropped Concret/brick stairs

    This solution works well for floor slabs because they are typically bounded on sides by foundation walls. This contains the grout forcing it to "push up" on the slab. Not sure how well it would...
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    Re: Leaky floor?

    Is it escaping from the shower curtain? You would be surprised how much water splashes in the corners of some showers.

    My wife flooded our kitchen ceiling the first time in our new shower. 10...
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    Unsliding a sliding driveway slab?

    So our driveway is 8 concrete slabs approximately 12'x12' (its raining a real "goose drownder" out there so I'm not going out to measure it.:eek:)

    They sit on a 30 degree slope. One of them is...
  4. Re: should I get my brick house power washed?

    I have read that it is best to wet the entire face of the brick with a hose prior to pressure washing.

    Then to start at the bottom and work your way up and then back down with the pressure...
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    Re: deck addition


    How high off the deck is the new door going to be?
  6. Re: Turning tons of Sandstone rubble into veneer stone

    One concern that comes to mind is water may seep into the mortar at the miter joint and freeze, splitting the joint open.

  7. Turning tons of Sandstone rubble into veneer stone

    I have tons of sandstone rubble on my lot from walls that were built wrong by the previous owners.

    I am planning on redoing the walls in CMU (Concrete block), using Footings and Surface Bonding...
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    Re: Pedestal Sink

    Should be knurled locking nut under the sink, high up on the tailpiece. Turn counter-clockwise until strainer body comes loose
  9. Re: Granite counter outside kitchen pass-thru window

    I looked into a similar issue for cantilevering a granite top out over bar stools. We didn't want any brackets or corbels to knock knees on.

    Have you considered steel "L" installed in the block? ...
  10. Re: Insulating and finishing off a large, very tall attic

    If you decide to go with the blown in insulation, you may want to have before and after thermal imaging pictures done of the walls. If done improperly, the blown in may not fill the entire wall...
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    Insurance claims and remedial work

    Anyone know how Insurance companies (State Farm) handle claims that involve remedial work?

    My wife and I have consistent ice and water problems in and around the eaves of The Money Pit. The...
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