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  1. have sulfur smell in water. How can this be remedied. have a well and it only smells with hot water.
  2. How do you repair dry wall area in shower were 5 1/2 ft of wall is tile with balance 2/ 1/2 ft is dry wall. Material is falling apart. House built in 1956 dry wall is not green board and wall is not plaster.
  3. Where can l find a diagram or pictures of how to install a new ceiling light into an old (1940's) shallow ceiling box?
  4. I am replacing the original wrought iron stair railing and bannister with a wooden railing with square spindles. I have all the parts, but have a couple questions about assembly. I have a new oak bannister and channel for the bottom (to mount on the floor). The bannister and channel have grooves with spacers to be cut to length to space the spindle. The spindles will be 1 5/16" square. How to best assemble? Assemble remotely and carry to hallway in house and install. Or assemble on site, in place. If assembled in place with the floor channel and bannister in place the spindles will have to be angle cut on the ends to be able to be installed. As you can see I'm at least a little confused.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. I wanted to thank the two people who gave me advice, so wrote them a reply underneath their responses to my question. I would appreciate if you can forward them my note (under heating forum). I am new at using computers so am not comfortable trying to change settings etc. to reply to them personally. Thanks.
  6. I'm a registered user and can post and reply, but the system will not let me post any image of any size in any format. I even found an image on the web in another foru, a 66 Kb JPEG, saved it to my hard drive and tried to post it -- got the same error message: this is not a valid image file. Any idea why?
  7. Having trouble attaching a JPEG image to my post -- it's only 25Kb but I keep getting error message telling me it's not an acceptable format. Any advice?
  8. We are purchasing a stone home built in 1951, There is a steam heat system installed,(needs replacement).We would like to convert to hot water and run under floor through the kitchen. Any information on just how much will be involved in this conversion? Can the steam rads be converted to hot water heat?
  9. got knocking sound in kitchen faecet
  10. Our brick house was built in 1997. When we purchased it had a masonery crack along the lower edge beneath one window. My husband repaired this but now 14 yrs later he has noticed some hairline cracks on either side of the garage and on one corner of the house above the deck. Also when he went under the house he noticed missing concrete blocks above our back door going out to the corner house deck. The house is built on a sloped corner lot. We need to know if we should have the house foundation inspected. Or should try to repair the hairline cracks ourselves. We would have to match the cement as it is a sandy color and we cannot locate the correct color at the home center. How expensive would an inspection be?

    Thanks for your advice. We love your magazine!


    Cathey Byers
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