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  1. Hi - always read your advice. Just wanted to comment on your easywater comment. You mentioned taping magnets to pipes would work as well as easywater product. Well, I decided to try that. My incoming water pipe is metal but not copper. I stopped at a truck stop and you could buy these super magnets by as many as you can stuff in a small pouch. I managed to stuff it with 12. I took the magnets down to that incoming pipe and spiraled them along a foot of pipe. That was almost a year ago. Well it sort of works. I have super hard water and there is a minor improvement in there being less scale. Of course I balk at the idea of electricity and water so there is no current attached. I have heard that we already have enough disruption in our homes electromagnetic fields. Just wanted to thank you for the weird idea to put some magnets on my water pipe.
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