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  1. Welcome to the forum.
    If you like start a thread in the appropriate section ... this way others may follow along if they are having a similar issue as well others may contribute with suggestions .

    Best guess at this point it sounds like water drainage is an issue. Even though there isn't any signs of water infiltrating into the interior side it sounds as though the water from the exterior is saturating the concrete.
    The soil around the foundation becomes saturated with water and if there is no relief via a drainage sytem this soil will become saturated. Once this happens the saturated soil exerts an incredable force on the foundation wall which creates hydrostatic pressure on the concrete foundation. This forces the water into the concrete itself and over time will saturate the concrete which eventually breaksdown ..... especially if it is a weak mixture.

    It may require to excavate the foundation along the exterior and install perimeter footing drains as well as waterproofing the exterior wall. The sorce of the moisture is from the exterior and it's better to prevent the issues from the source.Unfortunately this is the most expensive and intrussive method but the best method in my opinion.

    Make sure the ground around the foundation slopes away and down pipes extend away from the house foundation.

    You might have a foundation repair company evalute your situation first hand to make recommendations.

    Hopefully this helps .
  2. I see u have some knowledge re basements.
    My problem is I have a 70 year old basement of poured concrete which was probably built with pit run gravel containg some shale and bagged cement. The past 10 years or so teh interior seems to be spaling off . Patches of various diameters and maybe 1/4 deep. This happens in area wher there is no water seeping through. It is like the concrete is just breaking down> Any suggestions as to how to coat it to stop this?
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