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  1. Hello....was reviewing TOH comments from people while searching for some help regarding replacing old radiator valves. Saw your comments and knew you could probably help. We have hot water radiators in our house and the valves are Simplex brand (circa 1900). I am trying to find replacements (new or used) with no luck. The valve body (manifold) has the intake flow and return together (side-by-side). The actual valve screws straight down into the intake (flow) side of the valve body. The valve is 1 1/2" OD and 1 1/4 ID. This may have originally been a steam valve (not sure). I have a picture of the valve from a 1900's book which discussed various hot water systems. Anyway, I could fax the picture if it could help. Any help, guidance, assistance would surely be appreciated out here in Wyoming. Winter's a-coming!!! Ron Schmitz, Rawlins, WY 307-328-5530 [email][/email]
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