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  1. Sorry, just saw your message. Feel free to send messages to me at:
  2. Thanks for your advice. I thought of mudding and ran to the store to buy compound before I got your message. So I sanded it down and am putting a layer of compound on the walls. Then I'll sand that and be done with it.

    This guy did everything wrong. We are having our bathroom floor replaced and when we ripped out the linoleum this weekend, we found carpet underneath! He had just nailed plywood over the carpet and put linoleum on it! So then we had to rip out the carpet too. Every project we do ends up like this when we get into it. Sadly, the man was an alcoholic and my husband and I just claim he must have been drunk on every project he did!!! The stories are endless. Can I keep your name handy in case I have any other questions this week? I'm using vacation to try and get this done. I'd really appreciate it! Just let me know and thanks again for your help!!!!!
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