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  1. I ran out of space to say thank you for adding moderators to help get rid of the spam. I was getting tired of seeing people from overseas messing up the website. I wouldn't mind being a moderator myself but I am not always here as I have other things to attend to. I would like to see a computer repair and networking forum though and wouldn't mind co-moderating that and checking in on it. I am not an expert but have fixed my own computer and occasionally other peoples computers too. So I could check up on it on the weekend and a few times a week as time permits. Just let me know in a private message.
  2. I am Contacting you today because recently I built my own computer and installed Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 and I have noticed when I have went on the website recently that right after the Cub Cadet ad with the guy riding along on the mower Internet Explorer 8 jumps up and down but not on other web pages as I have been on other home pages and no problem. As I write this now that I am off of the main page no jumping. So I thought you should be aware of this issue as I am sure there are others out there with the same problem and wondering what is going on. Funny thing too Internet Explorer 8 doesn't do that with Windows XP on your main page. I guess Microsoft needed to fix a few things they didn't get quite right. Firefox doesn't seem to have the same problem that Internet Explorer 8 has with Windows 7. I hope you can do something about this. Thanks for reading this have a nice day!
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